How to make money on Instagram? Secret revealed

Have you ever wondered if it’s possible for you to make money on Instagram? And did you find out that you need at least 10k followers to be able to earn maybe 50 pounds per month? Do you know how much effort it will take before you will even get close to that number?

Anyway, if you’re still asking yourself how to really make money on Instagram or any other well known social network.. we have the answer for you: unless you give up your day job, invest a year of your life and are willing to have no social life anymore.. it’s impossible! But, there’s something else that will make you even more money, that only needs a very small investment of your time, involves posting pictures as well and you can start collecting the money tomorrow. Curious? Of course you are, so keep on reading…

SelfieStar app installieren

Forget about Instagram, download SelfieStar!

You don’t have to become insta famous in order to make money online with your selfies. Making money on Instagram is not the only way to an additional cash source. So what is that other brand new app that will pay you for posting your selfies? It’s SelfieStar. All you need to do is put some pictures on your profile and we blur them for you so they become invisible for other users. Your SelfieStar friends can reveal your pictures by paying with in-app credits. Once you have earned some credits you can choose for payout in real money, straight to your bank account. Easy money eh?

The cool thing is that this app is brand new… and you probably know the stories from early Instagram stars who know how to make money on Instagram. They will all tell you that it was easier in the beginning of Insta, because there was less competition in the app. The same goes for SelfieStar ofcourse. Now is your chance to become a SelfieStar and make a lot of money right away. In a year or so, you will be the one telling others that they should’ve started earlier if they wanted to make as much money as you are making.

Ok, now what? Just follow these easy tips and tricks to not make money on Instagram later but on SelfieStar right now: 1. Download the SelfieStar app, 2. Create a profile and upload your pictures, 3. Start following other users so they will follow you back, 4. Chat with other users and tell them to check out your pictures, 5. Sell your pictures and collect your earned money on your bank account!

SelfieStar app installieren